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"The Dove of Peace" - Presidents collection at the White House Washington DC USA
"Kissing # 2" - Queen   Sophia of   Spain 
"Adam & Eve" - At the Herzeliya Museum Gardens
"Prayer" - King Hussein of Jordan
"Sitting Woman #2" - At the Yadelovits art collection London
"Three Sisters" - Five stone benches at the Stone sculpture garden Holon
"Pray for Peace" - At one of the four entrances to the Pentagon Washington D.C   USA
"House vs Home" - Photos- Mr. Zeve Holtzman  art collection  Israel
"Three Sisters" - One stone bench at the Senior Gardens Kefar Shmryaho Israel
"United" - At IDC Interdisciplinary center Herzeliya
"Adam & Eve" - At the Sheba Hospital Ramat Gann
"Sited Woman # 1" - At  the Beldengrum family L.A  USA 



2012                          "Walking" Handasa  Gallery Netanya Israel
2012                          "Wraps" Handasa  Gallery  Netanya Israel.


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